Get Your Incentives In The Cloud


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Get Your Incentives In The Cloud

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By: Cloud Offers

Get your incentives in the cloud is designed for Solution Providers to attract customer & partner leads by sharing cloud incentives online.

Incentive Details

"Get Your Incentives In The Cloud" incentive allows you to publish your cloud incentives to attract leads online.

This incentive offers you:

1. Hands on assistance to create your incentive

2. Get a story published on small business trends

3. Syndicate your incentives through Microsoft and other communities

4. Share your incentives with SMB Cloud Community

5. Access to OVER a million exclusive travel offers via Tickets At Work and others

6. Create and track your incentives using your own account


Product Applicability
Office365, Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365, Enterprise Mobility (EMS), AWS
Product Description

Cloud Incentive Marketplace is a cloud solution designed to empower Cloud Solution Providers to generate customer and partner leads by sharing cloud incentives online. By doing so CSPs will be able to

  • Amplify their brand and solutions

  • Generate customer and partner leads

  • Create and promote cloud incentives in days!

Cloud incentive marketplace is hosted and powered by Meylah corporation.


Product Specifications

6 Reasons To Be Part of Cloud Incentive Marketplace

  • Attract new customer leads via digital syndication of customer incentives

  • Build your partner channel by sharing your partner specific incentives

  • Publish your brand story and solution in Small Business Trends (~2.3Million Reach)

  • Build a lead generation engine by sharing resources like white papers, data sheets, and more

  • Deliver 1:1 assistance to setup and onboard for cloud incentives

  • Get your incentives integrated to digital marketing campaigns (Microsoft, IAMCP and more)

Incentive Terms

Only available for first 25 cloud solution providers.

Use code: MPNCLOUD to receive 20% of annual pricing

Expires Jun 30, 2017

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This product is offered by

Cloud Offers

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