Cloud Ready Business Transformation Accelerator


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Cloud Ready Business Transformation Accelerator


By: Cloud Offers

Accelerate your cloud business, leverage your IP and explore new revenue channels with Cloud Ready Business Transformation Accelerator.


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Are you serious in accelerating your cloud business to the next level in 2017, Cloud Ready Business Transformation Accelerator program is now available. We are currently only offering 100 companies with an introductory price of $4995. This accelerator program will start Jan2017.

This special program includes:

1. Review your Cloud Ready Assessment and areas of opportunities for cloud business transformation

2. Cloud Ready Business Model: Design strategies to win cloud customers. 

3. Cloud Revenue Model Identification: Explore and identify new revenue models such as monthly or annual recurring revenue, Cloud IP subscription, proof of concepts and cloud reselling to achieve your business outcomes

4. Cloud Sales Incentives : Design and develop your cloud incentive offers to acquire partners and customers

4. Cloud Ready 1:1 Coaching: Closely collaborate with you to develop personalized action plan which includes:

  • Strategic Audience Profiling

  • Cloud Opportunity Analysis

  • Value Creation and Mapping

  • Case for Business Change

  • Cloud Revenue Models

  • Customer and Partner offers

You'll also get all the bonuses, resources, templates and access to cloud experts across the industry to grow your business.

What are our customers saying!

The 1 on 1 Cloud Ready Coaching is just what I needed to drive my Microsoft Cloud business forward. The personal guidance helped us establish our new cloud MRR opportunity. #Cloudready program is excellent and hopefully more Microsoft SMB partners are given 1:1 Cloud Coaching to build their business! – Sujit Ghosh, Founder, 3S Global Business Solutions, Inc

The 1 on 1 Cloud Coaching is just what I needed to push my Microsoft Cloud Business forward. I have been selling some Office365 but the 1 on 1 coaching enabled me to truly define the Microsoft Offerings to be able to present them in a way to clients where they are not overwhelmed and they can really see the value in the products. You added accountability, which has forced us to focus on what I needed to do to move forward instead of letting my other responsibility push this planning to the back burner. My clients and future clients will benefit from my coaching as when I am well informed and understand our business model they receive better information, faster adoption and better service. This program is excellent and hopefully more Microsoft partners will be able to benefit from 1 on 1 Cloud Coaching and it really drives us forward on Office365. Thank you so much for working with me! - Stana Steen, High Standard Technology



1. This program is redeemable via online/phone or in person in Seattle Area

Rules and Restrictions

1. Expires on Dec15, 2017
2. One Voucher per business
3. 1:1 coaching limited to 10 hours
4. Deliverables will have to be completed by the company. We will facilitate, review business models, provide information and consultation.
5. Price is a introductory price of $4995 and is only available for 100 companies.

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This product is offered by

Cloud Offers

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